My Philosophy

We all have an idea of what a healthy diet looks like.  Most people are aware of what they should be eating – avoid processed foods, eat lots of vegetables, some fruit, choose good quality meat and healthy fats; in addition to looking after ourselves – getting enough sleep, not working too much and prioritising what is important.  However, there is a huge gap between knowing this and implementing it – it often all falls down in the implementation and being able to sustain this change in lifestyle.

Instead of promoting a one-size-fits-all idea of health and wellness and pushing everyone towards perfection, as a health coach I want to meet you where you’re at, bring perspective to your lifestyle and collaborate to make changes that fit your life.  Changes, which you can sustain and most importantly make you feel better and more energised than before.

I will consider food choices, eating behaviour, self-care and lifestyles and recommend new sustainable behaviours that you can easily incorporate into your busy life.

I am available for one-on-one consultations.  I can offer these in person and also over Facetime/Skype.  If you would like to receive recipes and health & wellness tips, please feel free to sign up to my newsletter below.   You can also connect with me on Instagram.

Bridge xx


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